Supporting Foster Families

My wife and I are foster parents to a fantastic 17-month-old girl we will soon adopt.  This season has been filled with incredible blessings, but it has also been the most trying and stressful season of our lives.  Having talked with other foster parents, I’m convinced our experience is not an anomaly; it is the... Continue Reading →


God loves YOU

God loves you--yes, you.  Not an alternate version of you that never made mistakes.  Not a future version of you that has finally stopped struggling, stopped sinning, stopped straying from Him.  No.  He loves you.  You, who fails daily.  You, who searches for love in all the wrong places.  You, who has turned your back on... Continue Reading →

Called to More

Our world is a mess because of sin.  But God wants to transform it, and he wants to use us in that process. Some of that transformation is physical. He’s called us to stand up for the weak and oppressed.  To support the widow and the orphan.  To feed the hungry and the poor.  He’s... Continue Reading →


We are told to be afraid To fear the world To fear each other   We are told to blend in To not offend To not stir controversy   We are told to be ashamed To hide our values To hide our faith   We are told many things by the world Given daily decrees... Continue Reading →

Still Here

I see you Struggling to understand yourself Struggling to understand Why you aren’t like them Though you smile It’s unnatural Forced through teeth That would rather scream Get away Than come near You hear me teach But you aren’t listening Your body’s present But your mind is absent Weary from another long night Of arguing... Continue Reading →

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