We are told to be afraid

To fear the world

To fear each other


We are told to blend in

To not offend

To not stir controversy


We are told to be ashamed

To hide our values

To hide our faith


We are told many things by the world

Given daily decrees

Dictating that we

Should be



But we cannot be silent

I cannot be silent



For when I try not to speak Christ’s name

There is a fire in my heart

That burns

Deep within my bones

And I cannot hold it in


We cannot hold it in

Any longer


We must be


choosing to love in the face of hatred

To speak truth in the face of lies

Clinging to the

Promise that If God is for us,

nothing can stand against us



We must be


Quick to listen

Slow to speak

Slow to become angry

Because anger doesn’t heal

It only deepens the wounds

Of the hurting


We must be


Boldly declaring the Gospel message

Knowing that it alone has the power

To redeem

To reconcile

To restore this broken land


So stand


Building each other up in faith




Humbly sacrificing yourselves for God’s glory




Boldly declaring the Gospel message

That without Christ

We are dead in our sins and trespasses

But because of His great love for us




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