God loves YOU

God loves you–yes, you.  Not an alternate version of you that never made mistakes.  Not a future version of you that has finally stopped struggling, stopped sinning, stopped straying from Him.  No.  He loves you.  You, who fails daily.  You, who searches for love in all the wrong places.  You, who has turned your back on Him time and time again.

Don’t believe me?

Look at the cross.  It is evidence of God’s overwhelming, all-encompassing, never-ending love for you.  As Jesus walked that cursed road to Calvary and was nailed to a tree, He saw you and chose to take your sins and failings on His shoulders.  He never hesitated.  He never wavered in His resolve.  He willingly died because He desperately desires that you would find new life in Him.  That’s God’s heart.  To be with you for all eternity.  To wrap His loving arms around you and whisper in your ears, “I love you.  You are my child.  And I will never let you go.”

So don’t believe the lie that you are too far gone to be forgiven, too broken to be fixed.  Because God’s love is bigger than you.  His ability to forgive and love always eclipses your ability to sin and rebel.  God loves you–yes, you–and there is absolutely nothing you can do to change that.


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